Shipping & Returns

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your order. Your business is important to us. Please let us know if there were any problems with your order. If you have any complaints and/or suggestions please contact us.

When calling within the United States or Canada:
Nevada Call Center
Ph: (866) 736-4222
Fax: (866) 448-4220

If calling from outside the United States or Canada, please use the following numbers:
* Call Center Ph. (775) 246-5990 Fax (775) 246-5992 *

Please note and comply with the following: (VERY IMPORTANT!) Remember to provide Photos!

1.) All part numbers and the quantities purchased are listed on the packing label which is placed onthe inside of each box flap. For your knowledge, our internal sales order lists which box number that all part numbers were shipped in, along with the weight of each box. This enables us to help substantiate potential discrepancies.

2.) We photograph all out-going palletized truck shipments. If the number of cartons is listed on the

Bill of Lading, please ensure you receive the correct number of cartons!

* If there is either damaged cartons and/or discrepancies, please accommodate the following requests:

1.) All boxes or containers must be saved for inspection to substantiate damage or loss of goods.

2.) Credit for shortages will not be issued until a box inspection has been done.

3.) Do not raise debit invoices; we will credit your account as necessary. Call or fax our call center
numbers regarding any issues needing resolution, Attention: Customer Service.

4.) Important Note: Goods cannot be returned without a prior authorization which will require an R.G.A.
(Returned Goods Authorization) number being issued by Accupart staff only. This R.G.A. number 
must be noted on the outside of carton